Byzarian Thug: <coughs and puts on a voice for Slania while talking through the door> Uh ... we're only some HARMLESS VAGABONDS seeking shelter ... please don't hurt us ... ?
Slania: ... I won't HURT you. But this house is DILAPIDATED and UNSAFE. You're not ALLOWED to live here.
Byzarian Thug: Uh ... alright. Maybe ... maybe you come in and we can find some sort of ... COMPROMISE?
<Meanwhile he grins and motions the human to take place right of the door with his club>
Slania: ... a "compromise", hm?
<She touches her bracers and they glow faintly>
Byzarian Thug: ... yes. We'll make it worth your while. Does that sound good?
<meanwhile the other human is taking place at the other side of the door with his sword>
Slania: ... yes. That does sound good.
<Her ear twitches as she hears the movements inside>
Byzarian Thug: <opens the door and smiles at her> ... then please do come in, captain.



Alt-text: "Seems both sides know that the other one will try something nasty. And the thugs have the numerical advantage, at least ... but not the one in size."

The guard captain comes in person (and alone) to remove a few squatters from an empty building ... seems legit.

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  1. Does the triscele stand for … three frying pans?
    Poor minions …

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