The guard captain comes in person (and alone) to remove a few squatters from an empty building … seems legit.

↓ Transcript
Byzarian Thug: <coughs and puts on a voice for Slania while talking through the door> Uh ... we're only some HARMLESS VAGABONDS seeking shelter ... please don't hurt us ... ?
Slania: ... I won't HURT you. But this house is DILAPIDATED and UNSAFE. You're not ALLOWED to live here.
Byzarian Thug: Uh ... alright. Maybe ... maybe you come in and we can find some sort of ... COMPROMISE?
<Meanwhile he grins and motions the human to take place right of the door with his club>
Slania: ... a "compromise", hm?
<She touches her bracers and they glow faintly>
Byzarian Thug: ... yes. We'll make it worth your while. Does that sound good?
<meanwhile the other human is taking place at the other side of the door with his sword>
Slania: ... yes. That does sound good.
<Her ear twitches as she hears the movements inside>
Byzarian Thug: <opens the door and smiles at her> ... then please do come in, captain.