Updated on 2017-11-12: Shara in panel 3 looks like she just licked a toad. But she’s just supposed to be shocked, I promise.

↓ Transcript
Aken: Shara, you should leave town. Today. Or as soon as possible.
Shara: ... what?
Shara: What are you talking about? Do you want to fuck or not?
Aken: Shara, I'm serious.
Aken: The Black fist is here.
Shara: <shocked> What?
Aken: They are here. They came here some weeks ago and started building connections to local crime.
Aken: If you are really running from them you should leave before they have all of their contacts here established.
Shara: What? What?!
<Shara seems very angry, starts picking up her clothes>
Shara: You told me they're not here! Is that some kind of joke?!
Aken: I'm not joking, Shara.
Shara: I'm so fucking glad, because that isn't even remotely funny!