Updated on 2017-11-12

↓ Transcript
Aken: They weren't here before. It was the truth when I said there's no organized crime in Blackshire.
Shara: Then why ... didn't you tell me ... right away ... ?
Aken: C'mon, you were a stranger! They try to keep their arrival here a secret ... You WERE one of them, weren't you? You have that mark ...
Aken: Shara -
<Shara pulls her sword from the sheath on the backpack>
Aken: - don't -
<Shara punches him in his stomach>
Aken: - Ungh!
<Shara smashes him against the wall and presses the blade at his throat>
Shara: So you WORK for them, huh?! Or did you just fear telling me would kill my fucking mood?!
Aken: Shara, calm down, I -
Shara: <furious> Did you want a piece of my ass before you sell me to them?! Is that what you're trying to tell me, you tentacle-headed FREAK?!