Aken: Shara! I'm not working for them, I swear! If I was, I wouldn't have told you and just lured you to their place somehow, wouldn't I?!
Shara: Then why do you know them?!
Aken: That's my job, girl! But it's also my job to not tell everyone these things. Only those who convince me it'll be worth it ...
Aken: You understand that, don't you? That's business!
Shara: <lets go of him> And I only had to sleep with you to convince you? That's ... pretty cheap.
Aken: <grins> Please, stop thinking that it was all about your ass, Shara. It's not THAT great ...
Shara: I'm still in the mood to break some limbs, asshole ...



Alt-text: "It's just business ... Lord Business ..."

Updated on 2017-11-30: Wow, the LEGO-Movie was already out when I uploaded this?

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