Updated on 2017-11-30

↓ Transcript
Aken: As I said, Shara, I think you're interesting. I like yiu. And I think it'd be ashame if someone killed you and took away the chance for us to meet again someday, hm?
Shara: ... Ooooh ... you mean, like, in a faraway city ... me with my memory of you as the crook with a noble heart ...
Aken: Well, actually ...
Shara: <sarcastically> ... who in his INCREDIBLE generosity turned his back on the mob to save my life, getting his own ass in danger. Something like that?
Aken: I think you're exaggerating, Shara.
Shara: Oh, jeez, you REALLY think so ...
Shara: FUCK YOU!
<Shara suddenly kicks him in the stomach, towards the door>
<Aken saves himself from falling down and jumps back to tackle Shara>
Shara: Ung!