<Meanwhile, on an island off the coast, Ki'i'Mar and Na'Ki are looking at some pretty old ruins>
Ki'i'Mar: HMMMMH ... could be WORSE, I guess.
Na'Ki: Er ... what could be, Mistress?
Ki'i'Mar: THIS PLACE, dummy. I was kind of afraid the barbarians would have taken everything of value over the last centuries ... but it seems they missed the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS.
Na'Ki: Please excuse the question, but ... what IS this place? It's not from the Serpent War, is it?
Ki'i'Mar: Oh no, it's MUCH older. But if I'm right - and I usually AM - then I can still use it. We just have to REACTIVATE it.
Na'Ki: And then you'll be able to dismantle the artifact, like you said?
Ki'i'Mar: That's the THEORY, yes. There's a LOT of unknowns ... like the unique nature of the blade ... and the fact that most of the information I got about this forge here was from a FOOTNOTE in a 130-YEAR-OLD COOKBOOK.
Na'Ki: Um ... I see.
Ki'i'Mar: You sound UNSURE, Na'ki. I'm not sure I LIKE that.
Na'Ki: N-no! I mean ... I'm just wondering ... why don't we try to find the artifact first, before the Empire finds it? And then we can take our time HERE ... ? Or do they know about THIS place, too ... ?
Ki'i'Mar: I can't imagine they do. At least they don't know what it really is.
Na'Ki: S-so ...
Ki'i'Mar: But once we HAVE the artifact, EVERYONE WHO WANTS IT WILL KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT. And by extension, US. So NO - we won't be able to "TAKE OUR TIME", DRAGOON NA'KI!



Alt-text: "To be fair, the cookbook also had some good recipies."

Oh look it's those two! You know, the two who share about 50% of the world's supply of apostrophes in their names! I wonder what they're up to these days ...


UPDATE: Oh no what has happened with the site ... ?!

... don't worry, it's a feature. I needed to change some things up. I'll give you some more details on the next update. :)

Until then, some things might not be there / work as before, but the most important stuff (i.e. the comics) should hopefully all still be there and available.

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