Alt-text: "Bootlicking is especially hard with Tyr'Enn - they don't really do boots."

Ok, here's the deal everyone ... I had to do some updates, and the theme and plugin that I used before to manage and display the comics (ComicPress / Comic Easel) hasn't had an update in a few years and didn't really survive the journey. So I had to migrate to a new theme and plugin along with the other stuff.

Now the most important part is that the comics are still there and all reachable ... and I can still put up a new one every week. We should be fine on that front :)

The old comments should also be there ... and the ability for you to write new ones (I know I don't get too many of these, but I still like to give you the opportunity). The chapter associations are also still there ... the location and character tags I had to recreate.

The static pages, mainly the cast page with is subpages, is also still there. The link on the subpages to "view all comic appearances" for a character does not currently work, however (see below)


There are still a bunch of more things that are currently not working, which I will try to work on as I have time, in no particular order:

  • The design of the theme is a very different one, obviously. I won't try to make it look exactly as before (in fact I don't think I need to), but maybe I will tweak it a bit more and see what can be done with this new theme.
  • All the transcripts and the hovertexts of all the comic pages up until now are not displayed anymore :( ... they are still there in the data, but I have to figure out what to do with them (as I don't want to become a full Wordpress developer for this ... )
  • Some convenience features that I had before, like a chapter select or the ability to visit all pages that a particular character appears on are also currently gone. I will see how I can reimplement them with my new toolbox
  • ... I don't really like how on the homepage the comment box gets displayed above the blog text instead of below ...

I won't promise when I can get what to work again, though ... I hope you understand.

And if any of you find something else that isn't working as before (or you actually find a comic page that I missed or something), please feel free to tell me via the comments, by writing an email or by contacting me over my DA page.

Thank you all, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy this comic as I will continue to enjoy making it <3


Updated on 2023-09-28: My manual readding of the alt-texts has now finally arrived at those comics whose alt-texts were never visible before. I did write one for each comic after this one, still ... hoping they might at some point have a chance to appear again!

3 thoughts on “page515

  1. OK I commented below the current page, and it landed on the chapter start page instead – I guess that’s not as intended ^^

    1. Funny .. the window I posted into doesn’t even appear anymore … guess that was just kind of a page hiccup …
      But to repeat miyself: Me likes new home!

      1. Yes, something is definitely weird with the new home page (if you just enter “”), the layout beneath the page there is slightly different and now the comments seem to go to the chapter instead … I’ll have to look into that :/

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