Alt-text: "Good effort, Na'Ki ... you'll get another saving throw in a week."

Alright, continuing to figure things out with the new theme (and there are still updates coming in, which is a good sign I guess :))

There is now a working chapter select again below the page, together with a bookmark function (that little flag you can click on - once you do that you get another flag in the top menu to visit your bookmark).

On the other hand I have disabled comments on the home page for now since there was some weird issues where comments posted there went to the first page of the chapter instead of the currently displayed one ... that means if you want to comment you need to go to the detail view of the specific page (so "" for this one). You can do that either by navigating one page back and then one forward, or (maybe easier) by clicking on the the big page title above my blog post ("page516" in this case).

Sorry for making you do more clicks :(


Oh yeah and also I hope you enjoyed a few more pages of Ki'i'Mar being a terrible person while delivering some exposition - next week we'll be back in Serpent's End.

One thought on “page516

  1. So thaaat’s what happened :D
    Last panel looks marvellous!

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