Alt-text: "Chris is lucky Shara has a really stable knife hand."

.. what is this, 'alt-text'?

You might remember that since the last site update I had some issues getting some of the old features up again - including the old hovertexts/alt-texts. After trying for a while to get them to show again I finally decided to just manually add them below the image as normal text, as you see above ... yes it took me a bit.

But that means that if you go back to the older comics you can now see all the old alt-texts below the updates, including one page where I actually forgot to add one and got to write it entirely new (let's see if you can find it)!

Also, all the pages since the last site update ... they all also had alt-texts, which you just couldn't see. But now you can. Jay!

One thought on “page545

  1. Yay, alt-text bingeing ^^

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