Aken: <thinks> Crap! That mad bitch is serious! I'should've seen that coming! She's a better fighter than me ... my crossbow is too far away - I need to get to that sword!
Shara: <thinks> fucking lying asshole fucking naive Shara fucking Black Fist fucking shit fuck Fuck FUCK!
<Both attack, she kicks him in the groin spectacularily>



Alt-text: "Called shot to the nuts. 'Phod'."


Updated on 2017-12-01: If game names an ability something like "cheap shot" or "dirty trick": This is what they mean. Star Wars: The Old Republic was one of the few games I've played that truly embraced that concept!

2 thoughts on “page56

  1. Ich liebe es immer noch, dass du das geschrieben hast ^^
    “Shara used KLÖTENTRITT, and it was SUPER EFFECTIVE!” ^^

    1. Danke :D Damals in der Gilde gab es da jemanden der das immer im TS gerufen hat wenn er die Fähigkeit gedrückt hat …

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