Updated on 2017-12-01: I’m surprised Aken could speak that soon, again

↓ Transcript
<Shara stands over Aken, who lies on the floor, cringing in pain>
Aken: <gasp> ... <chocke> ... *ng* ... fuck ... fucking bitch ...
<Shara kicks him again>
Aken: Ungh ... !
Shara: That's for fucking with me. <Kicks him again>
Aken: Ooph!
Shara: And I kindly decline your offer of help ... <Kicks him again>
Aken: Agh!
Shara: Fuckhead.
<Shara proceeds to gather her things and leave, spitting on Aken one last time>
Aken: nngh ...
Shara: <while leaving, thinks> Time to continue running, Shara. Always running ... fucking shit ....