Back to our exposition couple.

Updated on 2017-12-01: I think I mentioned it back then already, but wow. With Shara it’s all drugs, sex, insults and groinkicks, but back to the mages – bam, walls of text. It’s almost like they all like hearing themselves talk …

↓ Transcript
<At Coumi's office again, Katharina and him still discussing>
Katharina: I ... don't know what to say, I never met Master Peck before ... I ... er ... I really can't say why he'd want me specifically ...
Master Coumi: Miss Grauch, as you have noticed, our guild's reputation here in Blackshire is not the best, which makes leading it not always easy. We don't just have to fear destructive influence from without ...
Master Coumi: ... but also from within.
Katharina: Hey, what are you implying?
Master Coumi: Don't worry, I don't accuse you of anything ... and I also don't want to accuse Master Peck, he is a fellow guild member ...
Master Coumi: But I worry that his "discovery" might be something bigger than he wants to tell the rest of the guild ... and the gods know what his plans for you are .
Katharina: You think that he'd ... betray the guild?
Master Coumi: I don't know. I hope it's just a misunderstanding, I really do.
Master Coumi: But if you notice anything strange going on in Serpent's End ... or even someone trying to coerce you into furthering his own personal gains ... don't hesitate to send word to me, and I'll inform the guild leadership.