Alt-text: "I admit 'what have I gotten myself into' might be an unofficiall motto for this comic."

The Mages' Guild is currently the only faction in Yra with any real political weight that is independent from any of the big governments. It started out as a small group of magicians pooling their knowledge, but grew over time, having it's main residence in Goldhaven, the big central city that is constantly fought over by different factions ...

Several years ago the Guild there managed to gain a lot of power in a political coup, which involved getting support from the Human and Byzarian governments in exchange for controlling the organized crime which had taken over in Goldhaven. Now the mages have the largest part in the council that rules Goldhaven, and their rise to power there has inspired several other cities to try to become independent ... of course not all successful.

But several cities, such as Backstown, where Katharina comes from, Blackshire or Serpent's End succeeded and factually joined together with Goldhaven under the control of the Mages' Guild. Of course, several other empires and kingdoms don't really like that kind of development ...

Updated on 2017-12-02

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