Updated on 2017-12-02: Shara has some rather strange notions about mages …

↓ Transcript
Shara: <thinks> Great ... ok ... mages ... it's not difficult to spot a mage ... those high noses, those faces as if they'd be constantly masturbating to their own magical power ... BLERGH.
Shara: <thinks> ... I don't see a mage here. Crap. There's GOT to be one ... the more I look around, the more likely I'm to be found by the Fist.
<Shara sees the top of a mage's staff at the other side of the room>
Shara: <thinks> Wait, there's one! That ridiculous thing can only belong to a mage!
<Shara stands up>
Shara: <thinks> But that thing seems vaguely familiar, hm ...
<Shara approaches the table where the staff leans>
Shara: <thinks> I can't really see ...
<She finally sees the mage, it's Katharina, talking with a Drak>
Shara: <load> Oh, you've GOT to be FUCKING kidding me!