<Katharina discusses something with Kshar, hasn't noticed Shara yet>
Katharina: And you want to tell me, you're the ONLY one here knowing the way through the jungle? I'm sorry, Kshar, but I don't believe that ...
Kshar: Well, you're free to look for someone else, human ... but they'll all be either more expensive or very likely to cut your throat as soon as you're out of hearing range of the city gates. You're lucky I'm on that route tomorrow.
Kshar: But maybe your friend here has found someone better ...
<He points at Shara>
Katharina: My what now?
<Katharina discovery Shara and gets angry>
Katharina: YOU?! What do you want here?!
Shara: I have the same right to be here as you, human!
Katharina: You stole my circlet AND my money!
Shara: You LOST your circlet and the money was my payment!
<She turns her head towards Kshar>
Shara: - wait, Drak, you travel out of the east gate, to that town in the jungle?
Katharina: Hey, look at me while we're arguing!



Alt-text: "Kshar is, as most Drak, noticeable bigger than the average human or byzarian."

I just noticed if they want to go to Serpent's End, they should be talking about the west gate all the time, but not the east gate. Oh well, I guess Blackshire has some strange road connection where you need to go out the east gate to take the road west ...

Updated on 2017-12-02: I wrote in the alt text that Kshar is noticeably bigger than a human, but I didn't draw him that way until somewhat later ... he's still pretty small in these pages here (Meaning: imagine him bigger :D).

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