No, there’s not a typo in panel two. Kshar talks about Katharina as “Him”, because, like many Drak, he has still a problem with the concept of gender in language. So in his case, he just uses the masculine form all the time. Other just omit the articles as a whole.

Updated at 2017-12-09: I’m not really sure I kept true to that story (Kshar only using male pronouns) … maybe he adapted a bit more, later?

↓ Transcript
Kshar: That "town" is called Serpent'S End, stranger, and it's bigger than this nest here.
Katharina: <Still annoyed that Shara is there> ExCUSE me ... !
Shara: Whatever. Do people travel there from here a lot?
Kshar: No, because it's actually quite dangerous ... that's why this human wants to pay me to take him with me.
<Shara shoves Katharina aside, sits down at the table>
Katharina: H-HEY! You're ... you're Shara, right? Could you PLEASE -
Shara: Perfect! I'll pay the same and come with you. Deal? I can actually fight, if something happens, unlike that princess here ...
Katharina: HEY!
Katharina: You can't just ... what are you thinking?! You left me standing at the city gates without even a goodbye! And suddenly you ... you JUMP out of a corner and follow me again?!
Katharina: I was talking to that ... gentleman here, alright?!
Shara: Calm your fucking tits, bitch! Remember how I saved you from getting eaten?
Katharina: I can't believe you! And I still know that YOU have got my -