Kshar: I don't have a problem with taking two of you along, as long as you both pay, but I don't want you bitching all the time. I want you to follow my orders exactly as I word them, without question. I'm the one who knows the forest, you're not.
Kshar: Whoever of you is at the east gate tomorrow morning, I'll take along. 50 bucks each. Upfront. Got it?
<Both Katharina and Shara start talking simoultaneously>
Katharina: Wait, upfront? Can't I pay 25 now and 25 when we -
Shara: Why don't we start today? Like, now? You'll get some extra -
<Kshar bangs his hands on the table>
Kshar: GOT IT?
<Katharina and Shara seem a bit starled>
Katharina: Ahem ... alright ... I'll se you tomorrow. No problem.
Shara: Hm yeah <grunts>



Alt-text: "Not everyone likes to watch women fight."

Updated on 2017-12-09

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