Kshar: Good night.
<He leaves, Katharina and Shara remain, staring angrily at each other>
Katharina: Seriously, where WERE you?! Why are you here? You didn't seem to get away from me fast enough - which is understandable since you STOLE my -
Shara: I DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING FROM YOU! And I DID say "goodbye" to you, by the way, you just didn't HEAR it!
Katharina: I ... that's ... that's not ... well why are you in such a hurry to leave again, suddenly?! With ME, nonetheless! I don't think you like my company THAT much, do you?!
Shara: You're DAMN right I don't! And it's NONE of your business what I did here or why I want to leave!
<Somewhere in the room two dudes start whispering: "psst, dude, look at those two gals fighting!" - "daang!">



Alt-text: "'Daaaaang!' is copyright Jeph Jaques."

Updated on 2017-12-10

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