Updated on 2017-12-16: Kshar is pretty ambigous in his use of “they” in panel two. Of course he doesn’t mean the travellers either getambushed or raid a village … the bandits are the ones doing any potential raiding.

This is of course done deliberately to show that Kshar still has some problems with the grammar of this language, and in no way an error on my part … ahem

↓ Transcript
Katharina: Wait, bandits?
Kshar: Yeah. Every once in a while there's someone going in there because they hope to save time. Or establish a trade route to Serpent's End.
Kshar: And then they get ambushed. Or they raid the small villages at the edge of the Great Jungle.
Katharina: And ... ahem ... we're going straight through there ... ?
Kshar: Don't worry. I went through here at least ten times. They know the jungle, but I know it better.
Shara: That's ... reassuring ...
Kshar: And if they find us I'll trade you two for safety ...
<Shara and Katharina exchange a worried look>