Shara: But if there are so few people travelling through here, how do the bandits survuve? Does not sound ... profitable.
Katharina: <murmurs> Well you've got to know, hm?
Shara: Shut up, bitch.
Kshar: They are not ... just bandits. They call themselves "jungle folk". They live in the forest, they hunt to survive ... they have a lot of Baroc who came over the wall, as I heard.
Kshar: But they also don't hesitate to take what they want from passing strangers, so to me they're ... bandits.
<Katharina looks at Kshar suspiciously>
Katharina: <Leans to Shara, silently> Ahem ... say, Shara, do ... you trust him?
Shara: <grins> Oh, you ask ME that? The woman who supposedly stole your trinket?
Katharina: Hmph. I'm trying -
Shara: Word of advice: You don't trust ANYBODY, mage.
Katharina: <sighs> ... That sounds like a thing I'd expect a criminal to say, yes ...
Shara: Another advice: Don't insult someone you can't take on in a fight, princess.



Alt-text: "I hear the Baroc are great Pink Floyd fans."

Updated on 2017-12-23: You know, Shara, that's some pretty good advice. Expecially the second one ... (For first time readers: that is a link forward, proceed with caution, spoilers and stuff ;) )

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