Updated on 2017-12-23: Snakes in a jungle are even worse than snakes on a plane. On a plane you at least have Samuel L. Jackson.

↓ Transcript
Shara: Seriously, I wonder how you're still alive, if you walk through the world with that attitude ...
Katharina: Maybe because I'm smarter than you think ... ?
Shara: <angry> NO, it's because you've got powers you shouldn't have! If you were born like me, a NORMAL person ... If you'd lived MY life ... you'd be dead a THOUSAND times by now!
Kshar: <shouting from ahead> I'll not be waiting for you, mammals! I've got my money ...
<Katharina and Shara turn to follow him again. Shara hesitates and then whispers to Katharina>
Shara: ... but ... I don't believe one Drak can outsmart a group of snakes in a jungle ...
Shara: So ... just be careful. Y'know, for once in your lifetime, human.
Katharina: ... Don't worry, I will ...
Katharina: <thinks> For example, I won't ever let you near my stuff again, dog.