Updated on 2017-12-23

↓ Transcript
<Evening, the group set up a camp with a fire and is roasting some meat>
Kshar: <between bites> Enjoy the fire, mammals. Tomorrow we'll be too deep into forsaken territory.
Katharina: You mean ... because of the ... eh ... bandits?
Kshar: Exactly. You don't want them to find you while you sleep.
Shara: <also eating> Are you SURE you can bring us here through undetected?
Kshar: If you do EXACTLY as I tell you, yes.
Shara: <sceptical> Sorry, but I didn't experience you ... lizards as very subtle before ...
Kshar: And what do you base that experience on ... ?
Shara: Well, I've never seen a -
Kshar: Exactly. <straight-faced, continues to eat>
Shara: <after a pause, silent> I didn't know you were jokers, either ...