Magical items like that are actually quite rare and difficult to make … but nevertheless Katharina has one. It’s one of her most expensive possessions … but Shara doesn’t know enough about magic to know that. She just assumes that mages have all kinds of magic … stuff.

Updated on 2017-12-25

↓ Transcript
<Later the same evening. Katharina reads in a big book, using magic light from her hand. Shara observes her in disfavor>
<Katharina puts the book back in her bag, which is much too small to hold anything else beside the book, and glows and fizzes slightly while she puts it in>
<Katharina pulls out a bedroll that would never have fit in in the first place, again with the small glow and fizz>
Shara: <sounds shocked> Wait ... your bag is MAGICAL?!
Katharina: <surprised> Um ... maybe?