Alt-text: "Touché, Shara. Touché."

The Mages' Guild is currenty of the opinion that what commonly is called 'magic' is a life giving power, that is inert to all living beings. Without magic, there's no life. Thus Katharina's opinion that magic is something actually everyone has, and is also able to manipulate, given enough training. And thus, it's nothing to fear, and mages no one "special", really.

Shara, however comes from the position, that most people actually can't manipulate magic at all. They might have something in them, just like they have blood in them, but that doesn't mean they could or should manipulate either willingly. And while someone like Shara might be able to cast a bit of magic, given enough time, training and dedication, there are certain people who just have a knack for in from birth on. Down here, they're called "mages". Up among the Tyr'Enn, they're called "everyone"...

Updated on 2017-12-27: The original bubbles were shaped horribly in these strips ...

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