Shara: Now shut up with your magical bullshit!
Katharina: Oh, alright, very eloquent ... you really convinced me there with your sophisticated, criminal philosophy ...
Shara: What part of -
<Kshar suddenly appears out of the woods behind Shara>
Kshar: <loud> Can you two shut the fuck up? I can hear you 'till down to the river.
<Bith Katharina and Shara look at him dumbfounded>
Kshar: Do you want me to leave you behind? 'Cause right now I'm fed up with your crap.
Katharina: Eh, sorry, we -
Shara: But I -
Kshar: <aprupt> GOOD NIGHT.
<He disappears again, astonishingly fast and stealthy>
Katharina: Um ...
<Katharina and Shara gaze at each other angrily one last time and then lie down to sleep>



Alt-text: "Do you want to be left behind? 'Cause that's how you get left behind."

I have a frightening amount of errors in these pages ... I always write "alright" wrong ... and of course it should be "shut the fuck up" in panel 2. See the script. >_>

Updated on 2017-12-28: At least those errors are gone now.

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