<The next day, they are wandering again, now there's is not much of a path, and they're walking through the shrubs, along a small stream of water>
Katharina: Ugh, I got stung by at least four insects last night ... I hope I won't get -
Kshar: SHH.
<Kshar signs them to stop and be quiet>
Katharina: <whispering> ... what? What's going on?
Kshar: <whispering> Over there, in the woods, behind the two rocks ...
<All three look across the upcoming clearing, trying to make something out>
Katharina: <whispering> ... what's there?
Kshar: <whispering> Hmmmmh ... nothing. I thought I saw something ... c'mon, go on.
Katharina: <whispers to Shara> Did YOU see something?
Shara: <whispers back> Not really, no ...



Alt-text: "A well liked question by gamemasters after only one player has succeeded in their perception roll is: '... do you tell the others?'"

Updated on 2017-12-28: Meanwhile, the GM to Shara and Kat: "Roll perception. Hm ... you see ... nothing unusual. Go on."

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