Katharina: Kshar, maybe we ...
<Kshar is nowhere to be seen>
Katharina: ... Kshar?
Katharina: <panicking> Where are you? Kshar?!
Shara: Oh crap, you can't be serious!
Katharina: What? What does that mean ... ?
Shara: It means he probably bailed and left us for his bandit buddies or something! Quiet now!
<She puts down her packpack and draws her bow>
Katharina: But -
<Shara's ears twitch, she hears a light "twang">
Shara: DOWN!
<She tackles Katharina down, and an arrow misses them both ny a hairbreadth>
Katharina: Ungh!



Alt-text: "And there it is, the random encounter! That was the surprise round."

Updated on 2017-12-28

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