Alt-text: "We don't have to marry yet ... undless you, like, WANT to I guess ... ?"

Wow, looks like Shara's prediction was actually pretty acurate ... at least when you go by real-time.


I took the theme change as an opportunity to experiment with the panel borders a bit! And in combination with that, how the speech bubbles interact with the panel borders.
It definitely makes the whole thing look ... lighter? I just hope doesn't become too confusing, watering down the panel divisions like this.

What do you people think?


( ... Oh, also happy easter holidays for everyone who cares about that! )

2 thoughts on “page520

  1. *waving pompoms for them* Yaaaaay! And may they be happy ever after … once they have cleaned up the current mess ^^

  2. Ah.Panel divisions … OK with me, I wasn’t confused :

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