Alt-text: "It is really hard to miss the Guard Captain when she is in the same room with you."

Again, the thing with the languages ... ! I still kinda wish I started using different fonts or colors or something to denote different languages being spoken, but it's waaay to late for that ... so we'll just have to make do with indicating it situationally.

In this case we have people switching to another language mid-conversation, which I tried to mark with a little tag and a slightly different form of the bubbles ... I'm not sure it works terribly well, I might try other things in the future. (The current style was kind of inspired by Stand Still Stay Silent, only that they had nice recognizable flags they could use to put above the bubbles ... )



Oh and also ... it's those two! Especially Kshar we haven't really seen anything of since ... well basically since I started drawing digitally.

Maybe they'll also kiss ... ? (Spoiler: they won't)


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