Slania: ... always thought there was a bit more to you that I couldn't quite grasp. Like someone standing right behind you that I can't see.
Shara: What the FUCK are you talking about ... ?!
Slania: Not sure. Might be wrong of course. But if I'm NOT ...
Slania: I lost someone. Her name was EVHONA.
Shara: ... what -
Slania: I carried her around for a LONG time. When I finally let her rest ... It felt like something FINALLY came through to me again - something which COULDN'T for an eternity.
Slania: I see SOMEONE in your eyes.
<She turns to leave>
Shara: <whispering> ... could she ACTUALLY ... ?
Gideon: NO. She can't. She just wants to MANIPULATE you. Like ALL THE OTHERS.



Alt-text: "That moment if someone else suddenly acknowledges your imaginary friend."

And we're back in the game! The game being the story of course.

In case you forgot where we were: Shara and the Captain were having a bit of a ... debriefing after Book's rescue. And it seems it has taken an interesting turn.  

And in case you missed it and want to have a look at the in-between-years updates, you can start with the holiday sketches here and work your way forward.

Also, there was an additional update on 2023-01-04 (yes, on a wednesday), which was the first of a few Q&A pages I'm doing - there will be some more of those in the future! So either check in during the week ... or just look at the text between the regular pages as I'll be sure to mention them if they happen ;)

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  1. Yeah, while “Sword-Gideon” doesn’t manipulate you at all … oh Shara, take good care!

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