And we’re back in the game! The game being the story of course.

In case you forgot where we were: Shara and the Captain were having a bit of a … debriefing after Book’s rescue. And it seems it has taken an interesting turn.


And in case you missed it and want to have a look at the in-between-years updates, you can start with the holiday sketches here and work your way forward.

Also, there was an additional update on 2023-01-04 (yes, on a wednesday), which was the first of a few Q&A pages I’m doing – there will be some more of those in the future! So either check in during the week … or just look at the text between the regular pages as I’ll be sure to mention them if they happen ;)

↓ Transcript
Slania: ... always thought there was a bit more to you that I couldn't quite grasp. Like someone standing right behind you that I can't see.
Shara: What the FUCK are you talking about ... ?!
Slania: Not sure. Might be wrong of course. But if I'm NOT ...
Slania: I lost someone. Her name was EVHONA.
Shara: ... what -
Slania: I carried her around for a LONG time. When I finally let her rest ... It felt like something FINALLY came through to me again - something which COULDN'T for an eternity.
Slania: I see SOMEONE in your eyes.
<She turns to leave>
Shara: <whispering> ... could she ACTUALLY ... ?
Gideon: NO. She can't. She just wants to MANIPULATE you. Like ALL THE OTHERS.